Geek Girls Rant Podcast! Are Supergirls Too Girly?

Geek Girls Rant Podcast! Are Supergirls Too Girly?

I've always wanted to be two things:

  • Internet famous (or, barring that) 
  • Philly famous  

(I know I'm setting bar low.) And, now, with the launch of the Geek Girl Rants podcast I'm partially there. (OK, not really, but I can pretend). Check out the Geek Girl Rants podcast from a Black Geek Girl perspective.

As a geek girl there are a ton of things that make me angry in contemporary geek culture. This month focuses on 'Are Supergirls too girly'? From Star Trek:TOS in the 60s to Charlie's Angels/Wonder Woman in the 70s and Buffy in the 90s, TV/film has increasingly displayed strong female characters, in place of the weepy 'I'm scared' damsel in distress. However, many shows, occassionally headed by male writers, to seemingly 'balance' the increasingly accurate representation of strong females (copyright Storm Tribble), inexplicably pair that physically strong female heroine with inconceivable bursts of emotion, weepiness and tears at the sight of danger or ex-boyfriends.

This month my guests included two women that I've respected in the area including Kennedy Allen, AKA Storm Tribble of Black Tribbles podcast, and Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics.

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