The Last Unicorn is Back!

The Last Unicorn is Back!

Are you a fan of the original Last Unicorn film either because you're a child of the 80s (or a child of a child of the 80s)? 

Were you excited when Peter S Beagle announced his Last Unicorn tour across America?

Were you the first in line in your area (or New York Comic Con) and utterly bummed when it didn't come close to you?

Did you give in and purchase a DVD on Amazon for sale at 8.99 with the terrible red cover as opposed to the iconic blue? (*Note: This description in all ways reflects what happened to me*)

Were you excited for the possible Broadway/Off-Broadway collaboration between Peter S Beagle, Fergie and more?

Did you just assume Peter S Beagle and his production team were working on the script (or assume Peter S Beagle had finished the tour) when the tour abruptly stopped?

Well, find the real reason in the below press release. Long story short, there was (as is typical in most business-to-business relations) a dispute.

Luckily, all invested parties have settled and the new screening tour (hopefully, not the last, like our heroine) will restart in 2017. So, shout a rowdy huzzah with me. And if you purchased a Last Unicorn DVD (*cough* like me *cough*) when you couldn't attend the screening, at least now you can have El Mastro sign it for you!


LAST UNICORN Screening Tour Investor and Producers Settle Their Legal Dispute

Bellingham, WA — Sandbox, LLC (the investor that backed The Last Unicorn Screening Tour) and Connor Cochran, Conlan Press, and Avicenna Development Corporation (the Screening Tour’s producers) have settled their legal dispute and Sandbox fully supports the tour going forward.

Avicenna and Conlan Press are pleased to report that new Last Unicorn Screening Tour shows will begin in Spring 2017. The plan is to bring the film to thousands of different theaters around the world over the next few years so we can make as many Last Unicorn fans happy as possible.