Last week I chatted with Tamala Jones about 'Castle's' fourth season, Lanie's development, and Lanie and Esposito's relationship. Did you know she first guest starred in 'California Dreams' and she's shooting a new film with 'Castle' supervising producer, Charles Murray?

Maggie Q and Shane West are the hotness. During the roundtable, the two stars and producer Albert Kim answered my questions about season two's relationships and character development. Will "Mikita" stay together?

Yes, my job is cool. Yes, I got to go to NYCC. Yes, I sat in on a spoiler-filled ‘Nikita’ panel with producer, Albert Kim as well as co-stars, Maggie Q and Shane West. They discussed Michael and Nikita's relationship, Nikita's interaction with Alex, and what might happen for season two.

In the 'Green Lantern' press room, I asked Bruce Timm about the film and the DC reboot. He discussed the casting of the voice actors, his plans for season one, and discussed what might happen if they get a second season.

I was incredibly lucky to get a sneak peek at the new 'Green Lantern' cartoon and attend the Q&A panel afterwards. If you love the Timm-verse, are a cartoon geek, love anything DC, and liked the movie (or disliked it), you'll enjoy the cartoon.

I discussed with Emily Rose 'Haven's' awesome second season, what might happen in the third season, Audrey and Nathan's relationship, and what's in store for the Christmas episode.

Billy Dee Williams is a Renaissance man. Like his character, Ford, on ‘White Collar,’ he's an artist, a musician, and a charmer.

Nicholas Brendon talks about the 'Buffy' re-boot and his 'Private Practice' guest spot. Did you know Whedon originally wrote Captain Tightpants for Nicholas? Did you know Nick wants to join 'Housewives of Orange County? '

Have you ever met Mary Shannon? Well, I have. Let me tell you, don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. During the conference call, I learned what’s in store for 'In Plain Sight’s' fourth season, including Mary’s pregnancy.

Last month I interviewed 'Moonlight' creator Trevor Munson about his new book and how it spawned the show. Below find the transcript. If you're a 'Moonlight' fan or not, clack on!