Quarantine Live Concert Series

Quarantine Live Concert Series

On Saturday night, Coliseo de Puerto Rico, in association with Duars Entertainment, premiered the first livestream concert from the iconic venue. Over a million people witnessed the live performance by the urban music artist, Rauw Alejandro which officially kicked off the concert series called "Quarantine Live Concert Series".

“We thank all the people who connected and supported us. We knew it would be a success, but they exceeded our expectations. We will continue working on other concerts which will be announced in the upcoming days,” said Eduardo Cajina, General Manager of Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Since the curfew was announced in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the venue has been closed and all scheduled events are postponed. These virtual concerts will definitely allow artists to reach their fans from the most important venue in the Caribbean. Without a doubt, the “Tatuaje” singer monopolized the digital world.

Rauw Alejandro added “It was a magical night! Real . I wasn't ready for that show, I just followed what my heart was saying. We made history! ! Thanks to all my fans for the support. I felt them last night at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.”

Coliseo de Puerto Rico Rico, José Miguel Agrelot, is classified as the largest entertainment center in the Caribbean and has been the platform for events by international artists such as: The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Usher, Justin Bieber, among others. In addition, it has been a recipient of multiple recognitions including the International Large Venue of the Year in 2005, while in 2010 it was one of the Top 25 Venues of the Decade.

El Coliseo has also been recognized as a Prime Site Facility consecutively since 2007 and has distinguished itself among the world's top 30 arenas based on ticket sales according to Pollstar. During the 14 years it has been operating, Coliseo of Puerto Rico ranks among the first 40 venues in the world.

“I am passionate about music and events, but most of all I’m a dreamer. Being able to be back at a live event and carry out something that seemed impossible, still has me at the level of emotion that I cannot express 100%. We didn’t do this alone, there are hundreds of workers in the entertainment industry who were uncertain about when they could return to perform and thanks to this project we found a way to keep the live concert experience alive and also contribute to the economy,” concluded Eric Duars, CEO of Duars Entertainment.